Rebecca Lang
Food Writer
Kay Bruno Reed
Cafe IZ
Becky Stayner
Becky Satterfield
Satterfield’s Restaurant
Beba Touloupis
Ted’s Restaurant
Brooke Bell
Writer/EditorHoffman Media
Betsy McAtee
Dreamland BBQ
Kathy Mezrano
Kathy G & Company
Annette Thompson
Food Writer
Angela Schmidt
Executive Chef
Gia McCollister
Gia’s Cakes
Susan Green
Chef Instructor / Culinary Entrepreneur
Sherron Goldstein
Culinary Educator
Helen McEwen
McEwen & Sons
Maureen Holt
Restaurant Consultant
Jan Walsh
Editor & Food System Activist
Linda Godfrey
Culinary Educator
Cathy Sloss Jones
Pepper Place Market
Susan Swagler
Writer & Editor
Mary Esther Carpenter
Performance Food Group
Katherine Cobbs
Food Writer
Laura Zapalowski
Homewood Gourmet
Rachel West
Editor, Oxmoor House
Jan Gautro
Prop/Food Stylist
Jennifer Yarbrough
Crestline Bagel Co.
Patricia Terry
Author & Dietician
Idie Hastings
OvenBird Restaurant
Melany Bundy Robinson
Polished Pig Media
Pardis Stitt
Deborah Stone
Cheesemaker/The Pantry Owner
Rosalyn Bloomston
Owner, Creative Cuisine
Martha Johnston
Sonthe Bokas Burge
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Leigh Sloss-Corra
Food, Non-profit/Community Leadership
Tiffany Denson
Consumer Packaged Food Industry
Alexis Douglas
Mary Clayton Carl Jones
Photo Stylist
Kerry Kelley
Restaurant Consultant
Ashley McMakin
Ashley Mac’s
Christiana Roussel
Freelance Food & Lifestyle Writer
Amanda Martin Storey
Jones Valley Teaching Farm
Ashley Tarver
Copper Pot Kitchen
Andi Thompson
Inland Seafood
Deb Wise

Honorary Members

Jo Ellen O’Hara
retired Food Editor
The Birmingham News (45 years)
Jo Ellen O’Hara was a home economics major at the University of Alabama who decided that a career in home ec. was not what she wanted, so she switched to journalism. She ended up with a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics and a Master’s degree in Journalism. She began working at The Birmingham News as a medical-science reporter until editor Vincent Townsend found The News in need of a food editor since Margaret Dillon was retiring. Jo Ellen says she thought about the opportunity to be food editor, and then turned it down saying she’d rather continue her career as a science reporter. Mr. Townsend replied: “Fine. You take over Monday as food editor.” Jo Ellen says, “That was the beginning of a most rewarding career as food editor, which I enjoyed for 45 of the 48 years of my time at The News. I cannot remember a bad moment, though I know there were some. I loved my life and my career. I was fortunate, and I treasure that time.”
Juliette Flenoury
retired Chef
Mountain Brook Club (43 years)
Juliette Flenoury grew up in a suburb of Birmingham called Fountain Heights. She started cooking with her mother and others in her home kitchen. Around the age of 11, she began baking cookies nearly all the time, honing her skills and gathering fans. Later, she got her first food-industry job working at The Greyhound Bus Station. By day, she was a cashier; at night, she cooked foods for the daily menu at the Post House Cafeteria in the bus terminal. Her next job was cooking for Mountain Brook Club where she remained for 43 years. Juliette is best known for her corn pones, but one should not overlook her fried chicken, cornbread dressing, chicken potpies, cakes, cookies and more. In fact, any food that is Southern, she does it beautifully. Chef Juliette recently retired, and now she volunteers for Christian Service Ministry, cooking for the homeless and for the student interns visiting Birmingham from various colleges.

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